Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Depressing Day of The Year

Right off the bat, let me just say that I'm stealing from PussyGalore. But I thought this was funny and a little bit appropo. The most depressing day of the year happens to be my Mom's birthday which just happens to be the Monday following Dalton's birthday. Oh well, at least I can get 'em over with at the same time. Tonight I would have given anything to drop Iain off at a friend's house and get the heck out of town. Yosemite sounded nice. Vegas, fun. I even considered a cross country trip. What it really boiled down to is that I wanted to disappear; be a missing person for a week or so. Turn off the phone. Live on cash. Take on various identities. Unfortunately, I'm still sane enough to know that there are too many issues that would arise if I did that. Like, um, my job, the house I am buying, my dog. Plus, all that emotional crap that my friends and family would have to go through. For what? A bit of craziness that would end soon enough anyway?

Nope. Couldn't do it.

Why is it that some of us (ok, most of us) still feel the overwhelming pull toward responsibility even when we could justify otherwise? And, perhaps the more interesting question is "Why is it that some people snap easier than others?" I could snap. Really, I could. But what would happen to Iain? Who would pay my bills, take care of my dog, clean out the refrigerator? I really did think about that - moldy food. And, eventually, I'd probably get over myself and then I'd have created more work and hassle for myself in the long run.

Anyway, I doubt if today was the most depressing day of the year for me, but if it was for you, cheer up. At least you got it over with nice and early.


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