Saturday, August 05, 2006


Iain is wonderful. He is smart and funny and sassy and tempermental. Just like his dad. Just thought I would share.


Anonymous Jeanette Newton said...

Dearest Tricia,
I have not had the pleasure of meeting Iain firsthand, but in my mind's eye I can picture him.
Your father, Greg, and I go back back to junior high school together. Your mother, Irene, and I go back just as far. When I was young, I shared the love of your grandparents. When I first met you, I witnessed your father and your mother in your features. When I got to be around you and heard your sense of humor, acknowledged your intelligence, and respected your character, I was sure that your parents had passed on their best virtues.
Thank you for your humility before man and God. I count my blessings when I consider that you care enough to be transparent with the world. I am one that is touched by your purity of thought and deed.

7:08 PM  

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