Friday, November 04, 2005

Double Whammy

Surgery at 2pm. Chemo at 10pm. My poor hubby.

The surgery to insert the feeding tube went well and Dalton was back in his room by 4:30pm. They had to isert the tube through the abdomen, so he's got an incision that is about 4 inches long and then another tiny hole wher the tube pokes through. The recovery has been painful, and Dalton has decided that surgery is no fun. Because he was distracted by the pain from the surgery, he didn't even notice the chemo. They gave him anti-nausea and anti-anxiety medicine just before it started and he more or less slept through it. I stayed over on Wednesday night since it had been such a tough day, and I wanted to be there in case he had any reactions to the chemo. One of them will run continuously for the next 8 weeks, but except for two bouts of nausea which were quickly relieved by the meds, so far so good.

Now, we wait for them to start feeding him through the tube and send us home. Throughout the hospital stay, the radiation oncologist has been scanning the tumor and making three-dimensional models of it for our art collection. Not really, but they will help focus the radiation and limit the side effects. That wil probably start on Monday, the same day that Dalton is scheduled to go home. I really hope that they are able to discharge him by then. The house feels empty. Iain and I want him home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It came to me in a flash. When he gets out of the hospital, we can have a fondue party! I bet with a turkey baster we can get some molten cheese through that tube.

All our best to you, Jim, Dalton and Iain. You are in our thoughts. Let us know if we can do anything.


8:30 AM  
Anonymous Grant Carroll said...

I started reading all of the postings and the associated comments. Since 1984, I thought a turkey baster was used for hosing down hippies that looked like certain religious figures in the middle of the night. Jim used the original squirt gun "Soaker" (turkey baster). He was a man (or boy back then) before his time.


12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you. Mellody (Scot's Mom)

11:52 AM  

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