Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Playing Hooky

We spent the morning at University Hospital having an MRI to check the status of Dalton’s adrenal gland, and then we played hooky. Iain was in day care so we had the afternoon to ourselves. We went shopping and walked around Paseo Colorado for a while. Then we came home and took a long afternoon nap. It was nice to be together doing something other than cancer. About four o’clock the oncologist’s office called to see if we could reschedule Friday’s appointment for Thursday and of course we said yes. Today has been a difficult day for Dalton and food. Each sip of calorie laden liquids takes several minutes to work its way down. The sooner he can begin treatment the better.

Tomorrow, then, we visit Norris Cancer Center for the first time, meet the oncologist, and hopefully schedule Dalton's first treatment. There is always a medical longshot that the MRI will show that the adrenal gland is not involved and then we'd be able to revisit surgery as an option. We cling to the fact that with God all things are possible.


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