Tuesday, October 18, 2005


OK, no dogs. But today is the day for Dalton's PET/CT to confirm that there is no distant metastasis. As far as we know, only spread beyond the esophageal area would preclude surgery. It would also automatically mean the cancer was stage IV - not a happy thought. So, we are praying for no spread and early staging. Obviously, staging is no biggie for our God who raises the dead, but my tiny, limited brain would still find some comfort in knowing that the cancer hasn't done any sightseeing in Dalton's liver, brain, bones, or lungs.

I am really hoping that the surgery is sooner rather than later as two things are quite obvious:

1) Dalton is having more and more difficulty swallowing even liquids
2) The pain is getting worse every day

The Cornwell shake (a yummy blend of bananas, blackberries, oj, and emergen-c) that has been his breakfast for the past few days was simply too thick to get down this morning, so it's pretty much ensure plus and liquid vicodin. At this point, Friday would be great a great day for surgery as I can't imagine him having to wait even three more days, let alone the weekend.

For those who didn't know, we began a kitchen remodel about 5 weeks ago, and today they actually began to hang the cabinet doors. That means there is a strong possibility that we will be able to move the stove out of the living room and the coffeemaker, blender, and microwave off the dining room table in just a few days. How's that for irony: we'll have a beautiful new kitchen and yet all of our gourmet endeavors will be being created in a cuisinart blender.

By the way, forgive my rather dry tone today, but humor took the day off. I know I am supposed to be laughing my way through this, leaning on God, and having faith that He will heal. It's just that right now I can't believe this is happening to us.

Happy PETsitting.


Blogger Autumnal said...

Swell job on the blog, Tricia! Thanks for taking the time to do this. It really helps us know how to pray for you and Dalton AND to comprehend the experiences you're going through.

Bummer about the shake, though!

In continuous prayer...


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