Sunday, October 30, 2005

No More Water

It's closed. Just a week ago they were able to pass an endoscope, a tube about 1/2 inch wide, into Dalton's stomach. Now, nothing will pass. Nothing. Not ice cream. Not watered down split pea soup. Not Lortab elixir (the liquid vicodin). Not gatorade. Not water. We talked with the doctor yesterday and she told us to visit the clinic today so that Dalton could be given iv fluids to alleviate the dehydration. A feeding tube will be inserted on Monday.

Warning: This is not an optimistc, hopeful, strong post. For those of you looking for inspiration, please visit one of the other days. Dalton is very depressed today and convinced that the doctors have written him off. He is getting weaker all the time and is starting to think they are just going to let him die. It will be so good to finally start treatment so that we can both feel like there is something happening other than waiting. For now, that's still 5 days away.


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