Monday, October 31, 2005

A Night in the Hospital

We called the doctor at 10am yesterday because despite persistent attempts to get some water past the tumor, Dalton was clearly dehydrated. She admitted him to the hospital about 1pm and immediately started giving him fluids. After giving him over a liter and a half, there was still no sign that his body was willing to part with any of it. So, I guess it was a good idea to bring him in. Dalton's inability to drink had also robbed him of his only source of pain relief, so he was Mr. Grumpy Pants for most of the day.

The nice thing about being in the hospital is that Dalton is now able to get the good drugs. They put him on a low dose of morphene and then gave him the option of supplementing as needed up to a certain point. Once they figured out what was needed to control the pain and the iv began to replenish his fluids, Dalton was a different person. He became the same upbeat smart ass that we know and love and actually had some energy to move around. Hopefully, once they insert the feeding tube, he'll have even more going for him and might feel well enough to get out.

I'm taking Iain to day care this morning and then heading out to the hopsital. We won't know til later whether Dalton will have to spend another night.

A special thanks to everyone at our church, Ecclesia Hollywood, for their prayers yesterday and every day. We definitely feel loved.

Will post more later but want to get moving to minimize my traffic woes.


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