Sunday, December 10, 2006

Northern California

I'm here in the beautiful town of Mill Valley listening to the rain patter on the roof of this modern cabin. It' 4 in the morning.

For those who don't know, I am living two lives right now. Every week I spend two or three days in LA, going to work, paying bills, taking care of the house, and visiting with friends and family. The rest of the time I am living in Mill Valley, a small , fascinating community just a few minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our house is a two bedroom cabin with modern lines, lots of glass, and wood paneling. It's nestled in Mt. Tam, so we are surrounded by trees yet have a view of what I think is the Sausalito Bay from our deck. Truly, it doesn't get more beautiful.

I love this area, and the friends that I have up here have been incredibly good to us. Interestingly, though, these days spent in NoCal are having a curious effect on me. Because I don't have anything to "do" up here - no tasks to accomplish or friends to help or jobs to perform, I have a lot more alone/free time. That, coupled with it being Christmastime, seems to be making me consistently and profoundly aware that Dalton is gone. I am doing a lot more crying and a lot more thinking about what life was supposed to be like. I hate it, but my therapist is thrilled. She told me on Thursday that I needed to do that in order to really heal. Therapists are so sick.

As soon as I can procure an AC adaptor for my laptop (I keep leaving it in LA), I hope to write more regularly. In the meantime, I need to post this before the battery dies.


Blogger Pussy said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing OK, or as well as can be expected. I was wondering about you...

9:07 AM  

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