Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I know, It's been awhile...

but life's been a bit busy.

To hit the highlights (or lowlights) in reverse chronological order:

1) They delivered the appliances to my new house this morning. The cord for the refrigerator is too short, and the hole for the stove is too small. Whoever installed the granite countertops must have decided that a trapezoidal hole would add character, so the front of the opening is the standard 30", but it gradually tapers down to 29.5". Of course, my stove is a square 30", so I'm in trouble.

2) Iain had sugery yesterday. His tear ducts were clogged, so to open them up, the surgeon stuck a blunt object down the tear duct into his nose. It was quick and relatively easy, but I bawled the whole way to the surgery center and whined to God about the fact that Dalton should have been there. Iain handled the anesthesia and the surgery like a champ, and was back to his normal cheery self by this morning.

3) On Monday night, I turned Oingo Boingo's Not My Slave up really loud in the new house. While I was dancing on the stairs, in my heels, on the slick wood floor, I caught the edge of a step and fell. Really hard. This will be especially humorous to the NoCal friends who witnessed the drunken stumble at Sam Woo. In addition to the large unattractive bruise on my derriere, I am now sporting a beautiful navy blue shoulder sling for a couple of days and hoping that I didn't seriously damage any ligaments of tendons.

4) Iain was down for the count with 104+ fever for over a week.

5) We closed escrow on the house in Pasadena.

6) A friend's best friend was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.

7) I moved all of my stuff down from Northern California and officially ended my time as a serious commuter.

8) I began the exciting job of packing up the West Covina house.

9) And, minus one witty and charming birthday card from Dalton, I turned 32 years old.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.


Blogger amanda said...

Oh my goodness, girl. So much has been going on. Hang in there, and I hope that Ian is doing better...poor little guy...

5:17 AM  

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