Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yahoo Personals...

Bet that got your attention.

This is one of those posts that might be better housed at the "other blog", but I'm going to be bold and post it here. Frankly, the whole experience of being single again is interesting in a "watching someone eat pureed grasshoppers" kind of way. Unfortunately, I am the one eating the pureed grasshoppers. Hmmm. Not sure what I think of that analogy, but moving on...

So, I've been asked out on a couple of dates; I've even been sober for a few of the conversations. I've also been asked if I want to "come back to my place and hang out." Uh, yeah. Thankfully, even though I haven't necessarily been sober for those invitations, I still managed to coherently utter the words, "maybe some other time." What I've learned in all of this is that if I was looking for a one-night stand, I'd have no problem finding it.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm looking for a one night stand - at least not on this blog I'm not. And the best advice anyone can give me is online dating. I've got one girlfriend who recently got engaged and another who is on the verge, and they both met online. Hence, my evening entertainment of persusing the personals.

BEST FUN EVER! if it weren't so damned depressing.

Seriously, I am not an overly critical person. I can get along with just about anyone who isn't downright mean, but come on...

A few headlines for you..
Tough outside, soft inside (Could you be more specific?)
Honest man looking for honest woman (Well, that narrows it down)
Hi Ladies (Funny in the right context. Not the right context)
Celtic prince seeks goddess to worship (Comment unecessary)
I'm a lover not a fighter (Or a writer)
My ideal match would be a moderately attractive woman? (What exactly does that say about you)
Nice guy seeking real woman (not a transvestite?)

To make matters worse, from what I could tell, these were just normal guys stumped by the online format. After all, this is new for most of us.

Even worse than reading the guy's profiles is having to compose my own, a task which remains undone for fear of writing something that will end up posted on someone elses blog. And the profile composer isn't much help. It's kind of like madlibs for grown ups.

My friends say I am _________ (adjective).
Something I've always wanted to do is ___________(verb)
Someday I want to visit (place)

You get the point.

But sometime soon, I am going to complete the profile. And, I will probably say yes to one of the dates. And Dalton will/would/whatever understand. He never really liked being alone either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened to what I just tried to post...bottom line -- LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE.

For you. Don't sell yourself short. Faith is a journey that includes uncomfortable situations.

Nothing good is easy. You have suffered quite a bit. It's high time you decide what makes sense and work towards it. Work is the key term.

Nothing good happens fast... Unless you know something the rest of us don't. Be kind to yourself. Every moment spent with cleaning products is time away from living. Of course we must be organized and take care of ourselves, but life lived well requires balance.

You aren't always going to be happy and your house isn't always going to be pristine.

8:40 PM  

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