Friday, November 03, 2006

Sarah's Blend

I realize that this is an odd post. It's just that I don't really have much to talk about in the way of grief today, and I subscribed to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and agreed to post every day for the month of November. So, instead, I am going to use my cyberspace to recommend a fabulous high-value wine. One of the things I decided after Dalton died was that life is too short for so-so wine. So, I've been ordering wines online starting with 90 pt. wines under $20. Marquis Philips 2004 Sarah's Blend Soutern Australia is the best I've found thus far. And, its running out. Complex, fruit forward, peppery, and deep. You can get it from for $8.99. Yes, I said $8.99. I've seen it up to $17.99, but still?

Anyway, if you like red wine, give it a shot. Can't beat it for the price.


Anonymous Sandi said...

as an ex-Californian who now lives in Maryland and used to purchase wine at almost anywhere (even Target) I am going to research getting the ball rolling on new legistlation in this state that would allow grocery chains to sell beer and wine. We pay rediculous amounts for wine here (Barefoot Cab is $8 a bottle) and have to go to the liquor store to purchase it. Also, can't buy it online and have it shipped here. For a state that is the leader in stem-cell research you'd think buying wine at the grocery wouldn't be a moral delimma?

4:41 AM  
Blogger pitt_chick said...

Hey there sweetie, just wanted to let you know that I posted your poem "Anatomy 35" to BlogHer today as part of a post on widow's writings. Here's the link:

Also, here's a few sites that I use to help me when I'm "stuck" (as I'm sure I will be at some point through NaBloPoMo...)

7:42 AM  

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