Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On a Lighter Note...

My tires rock!

I am lame, but my tires rock!
Just another indication that I am losing my mind. Every Monday and Wednesday for the past eight weeks, I have been parking in the pay lot at Mt. Sac Community College. You pull in, park, and pay on your way out. Today, I decided that I'd skip the "pay" part of the equation and go out the well-marked entrance instead. As my front tires careened over the spikes that I thought no dumb ass ever crossed, a funny thought crossed my mind, "Why I am I going in the opposite direction of the painted arrow?"

Then I realized that the large bump I just felt were my tires rolling over vicious spikes and I was probably going to be stuck here like a dumb ass until AAA bailed me out.

Luckily, my tires survived. Go Audi! My ego is a little bruised, but what else is new these days? Just thought i'd share.


Blogger pitt_chick said...

Oh god, sweetie, at least you know that you have kick-ass tires. I hope that tomorrow goes a lot better...

9:08 PM  
Blogger mendacious said...

seriously, awesome! i have always wanted to do that.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Jeanette Newton said...

Wonderous One,
Once again you have got me sitting in cyberspace laughing/crying simultaneously! For me, you are the very essence of humility and humanity; a loosely/tightly woven masterpiece of comedy/tragedy as you live/hide from life...just like all of us, except you can tell your story so "very" well.
Where is Northern CA? How far from Mariposa? Close enough for me to babysit? Hope so!
I love you,

11:16 AM  

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