Saturday, February 11, 2006

Confounding the Docs

After three days of clear chest x-rays after they clamped the right chest tube, the docotrs made the decision to remove it yesterday. Let me tell you, there is nothing comfortable about that procedure. The chest tube is like a garden hose, and about 16 inches of it is coiled up inside the chest cavity. When they pull it, it feel like someone is pulling your insides out (per Dalton of course). Nevertheless, this seemed to be a pretty good indication that he would be coming home soon.


That was until they read the latest chest x-ray and discovered that there was fluid building up in the LEFT side of the chest cavity. This seems to have completely confounded the docs - no mention of what could be causing it. However, they did say that if it doesn't resolve by today, they'll have to reinsert a tube on that side in order to drain it. We remain positive and joyful, but we are definitely struggling with patience.

A dear friend of ours had her baby 9 weeks early, and he has been in NICU since 12/31. It's interesting, but he and Dalton seem to both be struggling with fluid issues of an unknown origin. Yet, they (our friends) have been playing the patience game for three weeks longer than we have. Somehow, they have been able to sustain, but please pray for them and their baby, Malachi. We all remain confident about healing but need strength and patience for the road.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayers are coming! The sermon at Bel Air Pres (where we go now, I'll catch you up later) was about having too much "water" in our lives i.e. things that choke us and keep us from growing and breathing.

I will pray for some "drying out".
Love, Michelle

8:08 PM  
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