Friday, January 20, 2006

And then, we'll take out the esophagus...

Praise God!

We'd been praying for healing and the option of having surgery and that's what we got. After meeting yesterday with both the oncologist and the surgeon, Dalton is ready to proceed with surgery this coming Monday the 23rd at 6am. The scans show an "excellent respose to chemotherapy" and just a small amount of activity in the esophageal area. Of course, there are many stories to share about the past few days, but I will probably post those in the middle of the night sometime next week.

Surgery will last 8-12 hours depending on how much reconstruction the doctor has to perform,and the usual hospital stay is 10-14 days. For those of you praying for us, please pray that the surgeon would be able to do the least radical reconstruction, leaving Dalton's stomach intact and his colon in place. Also, pray for a good blood supply to the stomach region and against infection. I'm keeping this post short for now, because there is much to do in the next 2 days. Look for more sometime Monday night...


Blogger Lisa Kekaula said...

I'm so glad to hear about the surgery. And we are fast praying for the least radical and least obstructive. You and your family have not left my mind. Jim was so loving to come down and donate blood for my daughter Twylla when she was born 3 months premature. I wish all the loving kindness to all of you along with my prayers for a safe recovery.
God Bless,

3:15 PM  
Blogger Amy The Writer said...

Yay! I'm excited the surgery is going forward! Wait, I'm excited that Dalton's esophagus is coming out. Is that weird? My first thought when I got the email and read "will be going in for surgery this Monday to remove his esophagus" was "Well, are they gonna put something else in its place? Won't he need it to swallow or something?" Nevertheless, if you guys are optimistic, then so am I, and will be constantly praying for you.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tricia and Dalton....

I pray for you everyday. I had cancer for so long and went through chemo for so long. I know what this is all like for you. More prayers to you, more comfort to you, more love to you.


12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Marvin Wadlow. I am so happy to receive news of how to pray. Please tell Dalton we will do just that, for that is the only thing and the best thing. Of course we will be in prayer for you and the children as well. If "U" need anything after the surgery, please don't hesitate to call @ 818-324-4892, or email @

God Be With U.

Marvin Wadlow Jr
Marvin P.Wadlow III
Malcolm A. Wadlow
Morgan M. Wadlow

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We got your message and were so glad to hear about the upcoming surgery. As usual, you are in our thoughts. Our love and prayers will continue.....
Chandy and Austin

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you.

I know Dalton as Jim from long ago when we were kids with nothing on our mind but the future and befriended each other against all odds. Talk about an odd couple - he saved me from failing IP Chemistry my Junior year in highschool and had a sense of humor on top of that. He is everything I am not.

It pains me to know that he and his family, YOU - his wife and PARTNER - must endure and suffer through and yet, YOU find the strength to let us in.

I, for whatever reason, believe Dalton James/Jim will see this horrendous situation through in the same way he dealt with everything else in life when I knew him as a friend.

This is a funny wake-up call. Isn't it?

I cry to know you have more friends among you than you and your family are aware of. Please know that me and immediate friends and family are with you as best we can considering you don't personally know us. I haven't spoken with Dalton in years and wouldn't dare pretend a time of crisis is the time to interject myself in his life and yours.

I am saddened to know of your shared suffering but an empowered by the strength you display in reaching out. God is amazing.

What else is there left to say? I am thinking about you, Dalton, your family. My prayers are freely given to Dalton's recovery. I'm hoping intent equals results and that your family continues uninterrupted.

Not sure how to end this note--


12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tricia, When the alarm went off at 5:15 this morning the first thing on my mind was to pray for you and Dalton. As I was praying I began singing the refrain from a Taize piece we sang yesterday in the Contemplative Service: "From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised." And today I add to that: "and Tricia and Dalton are to be held up in prayer!" May you feel Christ's presence with you every moment of today and the days ahead.
Lots of love,
Susie Sprouse

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm praying all day. Please know we all are, including Bob Brown and David Tinoco. God bless you.


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that all of us at Culverdale School are thinking of you today and praying for the best possible outcome for Dalton. All the best, Tina

4:21 PM  

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