Monday, December 12, 2005

He Bought Himself an Overnight

We're off to USC again. Of course, radiation is part of our daily ritual, but today's visit is going to be a bit longer than normal. Dalton woke up this morning with terrible shakes and chills and a fever of 101.6. The doctors don't like fevers in chemo patients - especially those with permanent open lines to their veins and/or diegestive tracts. So, instead of visiting the folks in radiation, we will be going to the admitting desk. Marie Seitz, Dr. Iqbal's nurse practicioner, is ordering some iv antibiotics and a series of blood cultures to see if there is an infection associated with the tubing. For now, it looks like just an overnight, but I'll keep you posted.

Maybe tonight (if I can't sleep), I'll finish painting the house.


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